Treadmills for Small Apartments

Treadmills for Small Apartments

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Don’t let the size of your place hinder you from achieving your fitness goal, invest in treadmills for small apartments now and start getting the body shape you’ve always wanted. 

Nowadays, treadmills are not only available in gyms, but they also have become accessible exercise equipment in living spaces. As most of you probably know, a treadmill allows users to walk, jog, or run in place with varying speeds. Running on a treadmill is a well-established cardio exercise that helps you lose calories, which may depend on your speed, time, and intensity.  

Listed below are the health benefits of exercising on a treadmill: 

  • It helps in losing weight.
  • It builds leg muscles and increases core strength.
  • It enhances joint flexibility.
  • It has less impact on the feet compared to running outside.
  • It can easily adjust depending on your workout routine.¬†
  • It helps increase endorphins to reduce stress and keep you motivated.
  • It makes the heart stronger and blood circulation better.¬†
  • It is easy to access and convenient to use.¬†
  • It builds higher bone density.¬†

You can enjoy these benefits even at your home. There are different models of treadmills that specifically cater to apartments and other residential spaces, regardless of size. 

Rising Demand for Treadmills on Apartments

The past year has been challenging as we continue to fight a global health pandemic brought by COVID-19. Although things are slowly getting back to normal, the threat is still out there. 

As there are some regulations on gyms, people are now investing in treadmills for apartments to stay fit and healthy. For some people, the pandemic is an opportunity to start their fitness journey -- at the convenience of their own homes. 

That said, you should also get that treadmill and start running towards your body goals. Don’t worry if you have a small apartment, as compact treadmills are now rising in the market. 


What is a Compact Treadmill? 

A compact treadmill is specifically designed for small rooms or spaces. It is usually lightweight and foldable -- features that fitness enthusiasts find convenient. 

The main difference between a compact treadmill and a standard treadmill is the size. So it means that the two treadmills’ mechanisms and parts also work differently.   

In general, the compact treadmill offers fewer features, such as fewer incline and speed options. However, it does not necessarily mean that a compact treadmill is the lesser choice. For casual joggers, the features offered by the compact treadmill are enough to follow your home workout routine. 

Moreover, high-end compact treadmill models can now cater to intensive exercises athletes and professional runners without keeping while having a size that can complement a small apartment or room. 

Advantages of a Compact Treadmill 

Today more and more people, especially those who reside in an apartment with limited spaces, have decided to purchase compact treadmills due to the following benefits: 

Saves room space

The main feature of a compact treadmill is to save up your room space. Also, most models are foldable. So, you can effortlessly unfold it when you want to start your cardio exercises. Then, fold and store after use. 

A compact treadmill can also be a great addition to minimalist home designs. 

More affordable than the regular treadmills

In general, compact treadmills are more affordable than standard treadmills. Since home workout routines usually do not require high-end motors, belts, and parts, manufacturers use relatively economical parts that are enough to handle less traffic, speed, and intensity than those used in gyms. 

Some would even consider compact treadmills as the budget-friendly version of the regular ones. So, if you are a little tight on budget, try to consider a compact treadmill for your space. 

Offers essential features that are similar to the standard treadmills

If you are looking for a way to shred that extra weight at home, the treadmill you use usually does not matter. 

If you are looking for a treadmill with just a working belt, a stats recorder, and an easy-to-navigate console, then a compact treadmill is perfect for you. 

Also, modern models of compact treadmills now have similar features to the standard ones, such as Bluetooth-enabled, WiFi compatibility, a tablet holder, and a built-in monitor. Although they are not as advanced as the typical treadmills, they still offer convenience and user experience.   


Since compact treadmills are smaller, they are also lightweight. Meaning, you can move them around your apartment to maximize your space use. Also, most models come with built-in rollers at the bottom, which you can activate when you want to move the treadmill from one place to another. 

And since they are lightweight, they also produce less noise and vibration.   

Disadvantages of a Compact Treadmill

Like any other equipment, compact treadmills also offer disadvantages. Listed below are some of their cons, which you also consider:

Smaller space for running

With the compact treadmill’s size, the running area may not always be favorable to you. A smaller belt space means limited intensity options for your cardio workout, especially if you are tall. 

If you are not careful enough, it might also cause unexpected sprains or other accidents due to the narrow running space. Thus, always consider the running area of a compact treadmill if you decide to purchase one.    

Less durable

As mentioned earlier, compact treadmills use more economical parts, motors, and belts than regular treadmills. So, expect that they would break or damage earlier than those used in gyms designed for higher traffic, speed, and intensity. 

More often than not, if you want a high-quality and long-lasting compact treadmill, you need to spend a little bit of money. You can think of it as an investment that would help you achieve your desired weight and fitness goals. 

Fewer features

Although compact treadmills offer the essential features required for a treadmill, sometimes fitness enthusiasts need more offers for convenience and entertainment. 

For example, standard treadmills can connect to mobile apps to stream videos to follow workout instructions or just to multitask. But, entry-level compact treadmills do not offer this kind of service. 

Furthermore, the maximum speed of mid-range compact treadmill ranges from 8-10 miles per hour (mph), while the standard has a peak speed of 12-18 mph. 

But once again, if you are just a casual treadmill user, then a compact treadmill is enough for you. Now, we will guide you about the things you should consider in selecting treadmills for small apartments.

Treadmills for Small Apartments


Things to Consider Before Purchasing Treadmills for Small Apartments

Even if you have a small apartment, it should not stop you from getting a treadmill. But if you are wondering what the best compact treadmill is, you need to consider these crucial factors in choosing the right treadmill for your small apartment: 

Space Area

As you probably have limited space, you need to measure accurately the spot where the treadmill will stand. Also, if you opt for a folding treadmill, you need to account for its storage. That way, you can maximize your living space and prevent unnecessary repositioning of fixtures and moveables.     

Treadmills for Small Apartments

Moreover, the occupied space of the compact treadmill will depend on its dimension. But technically, it should have a minimum clearance of 3 feet on the sides and 8 feet at the back. 

Ideal Specifications and Inclusions

As a new compact treadmill user, you probably have no idea about the ideal specifications for your small apartment. So, follow this guide about its specifications: 

Track belt size 

The ideal size of the track belt must be at least 48 inches long and 18 inches wide for running. But for taller people (6 feet and above), it must be at least 52 inches or 54 inches long for walking or running, respectively.    


For the frame of a compact treadmill, it is better to have heavy-gauged steel as a material since it is durable and widely popular in the market. However, if you want a lighter frame, aluminum is the more superior choice. 

Both steel and aluminum require an anti-rust coating to meet their expected lifespans. So make sure to check on them in considering a compact treadmill.    

Tread Belt Requirement

For the tread belt -- the thicker it is, the better. A high-quality compact treadmill model uses a two-ply or four-ply belt as it is more durable and less noisy. And to maintain these two features, you need to lubricate the belt at least every three months.  

Track Cushion

Track cushion is responsible for reducing the impact on your joints every time you step on the track. That way, you can prevent unnecessary joint pains or injuries, especially on the feet and legs.    

Check on the specifications of the treadmill if it offers a nice track cushion. More often than not, it can minimize the impact from 15-40%. 


For the typical treadmill equipment, the rollers are the first victims of wear and tear. Thus, it should be of high quality. Rollers made of steel are the first choice for a more durable treadmill. 

Moreover, the rollers must have a larger diameter to have a secure grip on the belt. Also, they must be heavy to support the motor in providing the needed force for the belt to move.   

Treadmills for Small Apartments


For advanced training and a more efficient way of losing calories, a compact treadmill also offers incline options. Running on an incline also minimizes stress on joints and targets various muscle groups. 

Although compact treadmills have limited incline options that range from 0% to 10% -- this is still good training, especially if you are a beginner in exercising via a treadmill.   


Most modern models of compact treadmills have an auto-stop function. Usually, it works by having a key attached to your body through a lanyard. So, if ever you slipped, it will automatically engage to stop the treadmill from running.  

Control Panel

The control panel of the compact treadmill is directly at the front of the unit. The console usually has buttons for speed, incline, recording, heart rate monitoring, and other control options. For convenience, it must be easy to navigate and accessible while you are running or jogging.

Added Features

Nowadays, compact treadmill manufacturers add different treadmill features to improve user experience. So, you also need to check if the features offered are perfect for your convenience and exercise routine. 

Listed below are some of the added features on compact treadmills that you should consider: 

  • Bluetooth speakers and TV for entertainment while exercising
  • Automatic incline feature -- which reduces more calories and minimizes strain from walking or running¬†
  • Pre-installed workout programs to follow (endurance training, weight loss training, etc.)
  • Designated holders for a tablet, water bottle, towel, and more¬†¬†
  • Built-in fans to keep you cool while running¬†¬†¬†¬†
Treadmills for Small Apartments

Maximum Load Capacity

Like the standard treadmills, compact treadmills also have designated weight capacity. It usually ranges from 250-400 pounds. In selecting the right compact treadmill, add 50 pounds from your weight to prevent too much strain on the motor. 

One factor that affects the maximum load capacity of a compact treadmill is the deck’s thickness. So you can expect that as the weight capacity of the treadmills wears out with the deterioration of the deck.  

Motor Requirement

Aside from the maximum weight, you also need to consider the compact treadmill’s motor capacity.  The motor is responsible for providing power on the track. Its capacity, usually expressed in horsepower (hp), depends on how often you use the treadmill and how heavy you are. 

Follow this simple guide in choosing the most appropriate horsepower for you: 

Lighter use (1-3 times per week)

  • Walking - 1.5 hp
  • Jogging - 2 hp
  • Running - 2.5 hp

Heavy use (3 or more per week) 

  • Walking - 2 hp
  • Jogging - 2.5 hp
  • Running - 3 (or above) hp

Also, you should add 0.5hp from the predetermined power capacity if you are over 200 lbs. 

However, note that the horsepower above is the continuous horsepower and not the peak horsepower. Some treadmill specifications list would probably confuse you and present the peak, which has the higher value.      

Maximum Speed Capacity

The speed capacity depends on your purpose of using the treadmill. If you want to achieve good cardio exercise, a compact treadmill with a 10 mph maximum speed is enough. But if you are training as an athlete, you might need a higher speed capacity, which high-end compact treadmill models can offer.   


One of the most crucial factors in choosing a compact treadmill is your budget. Usually, it ranges from $1000-$3000. Small apartment owners are lucky since compact and foldable treadmills are much more affordable than your regular treadmill. 

But just a friendly reminder: you should not only be basing on the price of the treadmill but also on its quality, durability, features, and brand name. More often than not, it is better to invest a little more money in a treadmill for you to benefit in the long run.


A warranty is your assurance that your compact treadmill will get free repairs or replacement for a specified period and depending on the conditions set by the manufacturers. For your reference, here are recommended periods that the warranty on treadmills covers:  

  • Frames - lifetime warranty
  • Motor - 10-15 years for mid-range treadmills or lifetime warranty for high-quality ones
  • Treadmill parts - no warranty for low-cost treadmills or 1-2 years for standard ones
  • Labor - no warranty for low-cost treadmills or 1-2 years for standard ones

More often than not, the motor is the most expensive to replace, so make sure to have a good warranty deal on this.  

Compact Treadmill Reviews

Sometimes, it is hard to pick treadmills for small apartments as there could be too much information to process. To help you, you can read about the honest product reviews on the internet -- as what probably works for others might work for you as well. 

But make sure that you still analyze the compact treadmill based on your needs, required dimensions, specifications, and budget. Also, avoid going to the treadmill company website’s reviews as they will only try to sell their products to you. Go to legitimate review sites to understand the product more objectively.   


Before buying a treadmill for your small space, you also need to consider its maintenance. Here is a standard maintenance checklist for treadmills:

  • Lubricating belts using silicone-based lubricant at least every three months
  • Cleaning the treadmill area to prevent debris accumulation
  • Wiping from time to time as moisture can build on the equipment
  • Realigning the belt to the center
  • Cleaning the motor once you notice dust buildup

Also, if your warranty has already expired, you might need a trusted technician for professional repair and maintenance. So look for a treadmill technician near you.  


As many people say, if you don’t take care of your body, your body won’t take care of you. And doing cardio exercise is one of the activities that would undoubtedly help your body become fit and healthy. 

Treadmills for home use are now on the rise for convenience. But most people living in small apartments worry about the bulky size of the typical treadmills that consume too much space. 

Luckily, compact treadmills designed to save up some space are now available in the market. They usually have an easy-folding mechanism that helps you maximize your home space. 

As we have presented the guide in choosing compact treadmills for small apartments -- hopefully, you can strategically pick based on the considerations listed above. 

There are many factors to consider but remember that you should take note of the position of the compact treadmill in your small living space and never compromise the treadmill’s quality with its price. 

Choose the treadmill that you think is the most useful and convenient for your fitness journey.

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